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Orders are in 1m increments.

1m+ will come as one continuous piece.

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Ownership of Art
By submitting an artwork to print you agree that you have appropriate ownership of files. If it is found out that you have acquired artwork illegally you will be removed permanently from all Keffyn’s Sewing Haven affiliated groups. Ownership of art remains exclusively of the submitting customer. Keffyn’s Sewing Haven will not alter, repurpose or allow others to purchase your art in any way unless it is released and with your consent. If you submit your art exclusively, you agree to take total volume of fabric as printed, inclusive of any flaws present. It is NOT guaranteed that your meterage will be continuous.
Please specify if you do not wish for photos of your fabric to be used promotionally by Keffyn’s Sewing Haven for their small batch printing service. Again, please do not submit stock art to print that is currently on open pre-order by another Australian fabric business. Printing exact quantities when small, i.e. 1 meter runs, is not always possible. Occasionally the printer will send extra. If this happens you will be offered this fabric at a discounted price. If you choose not to purchase this fabric, it will be re-purposed at the discretion of Keffyn’s Sewing Haven.
Released art sales
If you choose to release your art to the group to buy-in, your own personal order will be discounted as a percentage based on the volume of fabric sold. Again, please ensure that you possess appropriate licencing. Your order is guaranteed to be free from flaws, and continuous where possible. Your released art will be valid for one round, unless you choose to release it again. Meaning that people can not order your art continuously every round. Please do not harass people to release their art so that you can purchase it. This will result in removal from group.
A4 Samples
A4 samples to check colours, tiling and scale are free. However there is a $30USD shipping charge associated for the package. This will be evenly split between those who wish to order A4 samples. Please have your files in by the specified date to order an A4 sample. Production for these takes 5-7 days and shipping takes an extra week. Bulk orders will be submitted at the end of the month.
Minimum Order Quantity
With the exception of PUL, the minimum order is 1metre. PUL requires a minimum of 50metres total in order to go to print. Should PUL not be running, there will still be a 50metre minimum in total in order to run the round. if this threshold is not met a small additional shipping charge may be applied and you will be notified as soon as possible.
As with all fabrics, with wash and wear there will be some degree of fading. We recommend using a colour catcher or dye setting agent. While I personally have had no experience with colour bleeding or transference, this is considered best practice with all custom knits.
Limitation of Liability
Keffyn’s Sewing Haven is not liable or responsible for the safety of any product created after the original fabric has been made into another product, or after it has left its original state (including, but not limited to washing and cutting). We are selling the product to you and it is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that the product is stored and used appropriately, and that it safely complies with AU (or applicable country of garment’s construction or importation) standards and regulations.
Flaws: Very occasionally digital printing may produce flaws along the selvedge, or tiny white specs or dots throughout the fabric; this is a normal occurrence and can not be prevented. Refunds will not be issued for this. Great care will be undertaken in order to ensure that MAJORLY flawed fabric is not sold, or if it is flawed, that it will only be sold as seconds. If you have an issue with a MAJOR flaw, please do not hesitate to message an admin with a photo of the issue. If a flaw can be covered with a 5 cent piece it will not be refunded. A MAJOR flaw is a flaw that is atypical from normal selvedge flaws, or a flaw that is larger than a 5 cent piece. Any flaws that occur within 8cm (3 inches) of the selvedge are considered NORMAL and will not be refunded.
Replacements and refunds
You can ask for a replacement or refund if the problem with the product is MAJOR. Replaced products must be of an identical type to the product originally supplied. Refunds will be the same amount you have already paid, and provided in the same form as your original payment. Refunds for flaws must be asked for within ONE WEEK of receiving your fabric shipment. For a MAJOR problem you may obtain a refund or seek compensation for a partial refund to cover the flawed area.
Returning the product
You are entitled to return a product if you believe that there is a problem. You are responsible for returning the product. You are entitled to recover reasonable postage or transportation costs from the business if the product is confirmed to have a problem. You do not have to return products in the original packaging in order to get a refund. If the product is found not to have problem, you may be required to pay the transport or inspection costs. An estimate cost will be provided to you before the product is shipped. In order to obtain a refund, the product must be UNWASHED, and UNCUT. We will not cover fabric that has been made into garments or any other type of item.
Fabric cuts
Metres of fabric will be cut to compensate for normal knit fabric shrinkage off the bolt. If you have an issue with the cut or cuts of fabric you have received, please contact an admin prior to washing your fabric within ONE WEEK from receiving it. If you receive you fabric and it measures less than the amount ordered BEFORE washing, please do not hesitate to contact an admin.

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A4 Sample, Bamboo Lycra, Canvas, Cotton Lycra 180, Cotton Lycra 220-240, Cotton Lycra 280, Cotton Woven, Double Brushed Poly, French Terry, Minky, Peach Skin, Plush, PUL, Rayon Woven, Sports Performance, Swim


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