We have been flat out with sorting the January cutting mats pre order that landed this week. So the round opened a couple of days later than usual.

But, all designs are up now and how awesome are the new colorways for our original Aussie Christmas design!

There is also some Stitch Christmas panels and main, Superheroes as well as a few random Violet Snow Designs added as well this round.

There is also a Keffyn's Sewing Haven Christmas


Yes! Kids get one, adults get one, now sewing enthusiasts can have one too!

Buy them empty to fill yourself for a loved one OR buy them filled with various sewing notions.

Pre Order open now until they are completed being produced.


January Cutting mats pre order landed this week and we have been working our hardest to get them all boxed ready for posting.

Good news is we have completed boxing them up and all notifications for PICK UP'S have been sent out.

We are now currently working on invoicing postage.

If you haven't received your postage invoice yet, don't panic, there are many to get through so chances are we are still getting to it.

When you see us post in the main group about completing invoicing for postage, and you haven't gotten one, then please contact us via email on

May Fabric rounds (Hunters 3.0 & Small Batch May) are completed at the printers and are on the way to us.

  • We stock the largest colour range of Cotton Lycra 240 solids
  • We stock PUL, French Terry, Bamboo Lycra Solids
  • We stock the largest range of Fold Over Elastic in solid colours and printed designs.
  • We stock the largest range of Kam brand snaps, including several custom colours exclusive to Keffyn's!
  • You can purchase colour charts for all of the above solid colours (Yes! We just got some for French Terry, Bamboo and PUL solids that I have to take photos of and list! All in one book!)
  • You are able to purchase single sample swatches for all the cotton lycra colours to fit into your colour books (and will be able to do the same for the other solid colour bases soon)
  • You are able to purchase sample swatches for all our bases we offer custom printing on! (these are pre cut pieces, you can not request specific colours or prints)
  • And all of the above solids, kam snaps and fold over elastic (FOE) have PERMANENT discount codes that can be used at ANY TIME.

Check each page for details!