It's Freezing is coming! 15th of June!


Belated April Newsletter

My Kefflings, so sorry for the delay in getting this newsletter out to you.

It's been a whirlwind few weeks with the French Terry solids pre order arriving, and then straight after, the October cutting mats!

Yes, both these pre orders have come in, been packed and invoices emailed out for those who needed them.

If you haven't received your notification that it is ready for collection, or a postage invoice, please pop the page a pm or send an email to

Current Pre orders closing at the end of the month!

Arrow and Aquaman!!

Over 3 years, this was supposed to be a full spectacular round featuring some of the characters from the DC genre.

Alas, it has taken me this long to find the appropriate artists to get the backgrounds done that I needed to.

These two bad boys (well good boys really) have has strikes ready to go for over a year and I just didn't want to hold off on them any longer.

Two sizes of the mains, all panels available in all sizes, as well as a BLANET TOPPER and child friendly and naughty undie panels.

Synthetic Leather plain colours!

Two pages of beautiful colours to choose from!

PUL Fabric Solids

These solids are amazing!

They have been put through testing of various degrees and have passed with flying colours!

The water resistant layer is a clear film as well, not white.

What's New??

We now have 22 colours of French Terry Solids in stock!


TWO New Cotton Lycra Solids have joined our range!

Rhubarb & Cornflower

What's Coming up in May?

1st May - A0 & A1 cutting mat pre order!

15th May - The Hunters 3.0, which includes some of the Huntresses!

We will also be organizing some other pre orders this month.

* Custom engraved snaps

* Industrial Stretch Threads (the really big spools!)

These will be opened between the 1-15th of May

What's Due to Arrive?

Currently in transit and due to land on the following dates into Australia.

Subject to change. Please check main group for any updated eta's

30th April - Glitter Vinyl Retail

11th May - Feb Small Batch & That's Different round.


I think that is all Kefflings!

I can't believe we are almost in May! How fast is life going these days?