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Small Batch Pre Order - Submit Your Own Designs

Small Batch Pre Order - Submit Your Own Designs

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How to submit your own designs for printing.

1. Contact Us to have your own Google Drive album created to upload your design to.

2. Place order via the Submit Your Own Design listings.

3. Join the Facebook group Keffyn's Sewing Haven to get all relevant information you need in regards to submitting your own designs.

It is suggested to join the above group to keep up to date with how the round is progressing and if there are any delays with it's arrival.

** By Placing your order you agree to the below Terms and Conditions **

All designs submitted have a 50cm minimum requirement in the bases offered in the drop down menu.

Ownership of Art
  • By submitting an artwork to print you agree that you have appropriate ownership of files.
  • If it is found out that you have acquired artwork illegally you will be removed permanently from all Keffyn’s Sewing Haven affiliated groups.
  • Ownership of art remains exclusively of the submitting customer.
  • Keffyn’s Sewing Haven will not alter, re-purpose or allow others to purchase your art in any way unless it is released and with your consent.
  • If you submit your art exclusively, you agree to take total volume of fabric as printed, inclusive of any flaws present.
  • It is NOT guaranteed that your meterage will be continuous.
  • Please specify if you do not wish for photos of your fabric to be used in any promotions by Keffyn’s Sewing Haven for their small batch printing service.
  • Please do not submit stock art to print that is currently on open pre-order by another Australian fabric business.
  • Printing exact quantities when small, i.e. 1 meter runs, is not always possible. Occasionally the printer will send extra. If this happens you will be offered this fabric at the Small Batch price.
  • If you choose not to purchase this fabric, it will be re-purposed at the discretion of Keffyn’s Sewing Haven.